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What is the Ken?

Ken Miriam is the British Columbia, Alberta, and Washington State chapter of Habonim Dror North America, the youth movement that Camp Miriam belongs to. Ken Miriam offers regular activities for campers from Camp Miriam and for any same-age friends they wish to bring along. Ken activities will focus on having fun, group bonding, jewish culture, connecting with Israel, and social action. Literally, Ken is the Hebrew word for ‘nest’.  This year there are Ken activities in Vancouver, Victoria, Seattle, and Calgary.

Who runs the Ken?

The Ken Leadership organizes city activities and regional events, including weekend seminars at Camp Miriam.

The Shaliach (Israeli Emissary) works with the Ken leadership in organizing Ken activities, and brings an Israeli perspective to the activities at Camp Miriam and in the city.

The Madrichimot (Counsellors) plan and run activities for each age group

The Ken Leadership (2017-2018)

Nitzanimot – Amelimot tzevet: Mira, Eden
Sayarimot – Chotrimot tzevet: Benny, Josh, Sophie
Shomimrimot tzevet: Maia, Effy
Tzofimot tzevet: Tali E., Arielle, Jude
Bonimot tzevet: Sasa, Sara M-F.
Tri Cities: Inbar, Eli
Mazkirut: Sara B, Tali B., Noga, Idan
Gizbar: Idan
Newsletters: Sasa
Fall Seminar: Inbar, Tali E., Tali B.
West Coast Seminar:
Shaliach: Elad Pelleg

The Bayit

The Bayit (Hebrew: ‘house’) is the central location for the activities of Ken Achva in Vancouver. Contact us for the address.

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