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Welcome to Camp Miriam

Nestled on the West Coast of Canada, Habonim Dror Camp Miriam is a Jewish summer camp that provides a unique camping experience for children who have completed grades 2-11. Camp Miriam is located on a 20 acre waterfront site on beautiful Gabriola Island, which is a 20 minute ferry ride from the city of Nanaimo on Vancouver Island.

Camp Miriam offers a diverse program which encompasses creative learning experiences and regular camp activities. In a supportive community, and through a value based program, campers explore their Jewish identity and gain knowledge about Israel, Jewish history, current social issues, and social justice.


“Youth Leading Youth” Creating the Magic of Camp Miriam

Early morning at Camp Miriam sees three 12-year old boys leading 140 other groggy campers in the flag raising ceremony – first a knock-knock joke, then some exercises, chants by the different work groups, campers with hats called to raise the flags – and then everyone is off to breakfast.

The three boys, who were elected to lead “Mifkad” by all the campers on the second day of camp, are smiling and satisfied as they make their way to breakfast.  They have just successfully facilitated the first activity of a typical day at Camp Miriam and mostly in Hebrew.

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Lifelong Impact

National Study of Habonim Dror Alumni

Authored by Prof. Steven M. Cohen and Steven Fink, the study explores the lifelong impact that North America Habonim Dror camps has had on campers. ... 

  • “In general, the Habonim Dror alumni outscore the NY comparison group on measures of Jewish engagement”
  • 93% remain connected to their Habonim Dror friends
  • 25% of married couples have a ‘Habonim’ spouse
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Impact on alumni and the community

What’s Happening in The Ken?

Ken Miriam is the British Columbia, Alberta and Washington State chapter of Habonim Dror North America, the youth movement that Camp Miriam belongs to. Ken Miriam offers regular activities for campers from Camp Miriam and for any same-age friends they wish to bring along. Ken activities will focus on having fun, group bonding, jewish culture, connecting with Israel, and social action...  This year there are Ken activities in Vancouver, Victoria, Seattle, and Calgary.   Read more...

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