Camp Miriam Glossary

Get the inside scoop on many of the Camp Miriam-isms – It’s just a small part of what makes our Machane experience so fun and unique!




Anaf (Anafim – plural) ענף The team of people working together on avodah (work) during the summer
Aruchat Boker ארוחת בוקר Breakfast
Aruchat Erev ארוחת ערב Dinner
Aruchat Tzohorayim ארוחת צהרים Lunch
Asepha/ Asephot אסיפה Meeting(s)
Avodah עבודה Work. After breakfast chanichimot (campers) have a chance to work together to clean and maintain camp. Avodah helps chanichimot feel ownership over camp.
Boker Tov בוקר טוב Good Morning!
Breicha בריכה Swimming Pool
Chadar Ochel חדר אוכל Dining Room
Chanichimot חניכימות Our Campers!
Chug/im חוגים Interest groups. Chanichimot (campers) choose a chug from a variety of different options at the beginning of each session.
Construction/ Chalutz חלוץ The time period before machaneh (camp) starts when madrichimot (counselors) set up camp, train, and plan out the upcoming summer.
Deconstruction פרוק The time period after the chanichimot (campers) leave when madrichimot (counselors) evaluate the summer and deconstruct the camp until the following summer.
Dugma דוגמה Example. Refers to being respectful and setting a good example, lead by example.
Gan גן Garden. One of the Anafim at Machane (camp)
Havdallah הבדלה The ceremony marking the end of Shabbat
Ivrit עברית Hebrew. As a way to engage with the Hebrew language on a daily basis, madrichimot (counselors) use Hebrew words when possible.
Janusz יאנוש קורצ׳אק Our new pavilion named after Janusz Korczak.
Ken (Kenim – plural) קן Year-round Habonim Dror groups. Camp Miriam has several Kenim in Calgary, Vancouver, Seattle, Victoria, and Portland.
Kesher קשר Connection
Kibbud כיבוד Snacks!
Kima קימה Wake up
Kupa קופה The system of sharing at Camp Miriam.
Kvutzah קבוצה Literally translated to “group”. At Machaneh (camp), Kvutsah describes the close friendships you form with the other campers your age, and the welcoming and open feeling being with your shichva (age group) brings.
Lilah Tov לילה טוב Good Night
Machaneh מחנה Camp!
Machsan מחסן Storage Room
Madatz מד״ץ Madatz are the counselors in training. The Madatz live at camp for the whole summer, learn leadership skills, and practice being a madrichol (counselor).
Madrichol/ Madrichimot מדריכימות Counselor/s
Melechet Yad מלאכת יד Arts and Crafts Room
Matzil/ Matzila מציל/ה Lifeguard
Mazkirut מזכירות Leadership team (includes Rosh Machaneh, Merekez/et Chinuch, and Merekezei Techni) responsible for running camp during the summer.
Merakez/et Chinuch מרכז חינוך Education Director
Merakez/et Techni מרכזי טכני Technical coordinator/s who are responsible for the logistical running of camp as well as trips outside of camp.
Medurah מדורה The literal translation is “campfire”. At Machaneh (camp) we use it to describe the talent/skit show that occurs every Saturday evening.
Mifkad מפקד Flag raising
Mirpa’ah מרפאה The camp infirmary
Mirpeset מרפסת Balcony. Where madrichimot (councelors) often have asephot (meetings).
Ohel/im אוהל/ים Tent/s
Peula Shichva פעולת שכבה Activity time with your age group. A part of programming every day, except on Shabbat.
Rikud/ Rikudei Am ריקודי עם Israeli Dancing/folk dancing. Takes place every Friday evening with all of machaneh (camp).
Rom Kal רמקול The camp-wide speaker system used for announcements and music.
Rosh Machaneh ראש מחנה Summer Director. Responsible for overseeing tzevet (staff), and managing most of the day to day operations of camp.
Shaliach/ Shlicha שליח/ה Israeli Emissary
Sherutim שירותים Bathrooms
Shichva/ Schavot שכבה Age Group/s
Shira שירה Singing. A time during the day when campers learn the songs we sing at camp.
Shmira שמירה Literally translated as “Guard Duty”. Nightly walks by madrichimot (counselors) to make sure all chanichimot (campers) are safe and accounted for.
Tikkun Olam תיקון עולם Literally translated as “Repairing the World”. A foundational Jewish value. Usually refers to a community service project undertaken outside of/ at camp
Toranut תורנות Dining room work rotation. Chanichimot (campers) take turns helping to clean up the chadar ochel (dining room), do dishes, and serve food at meals
Tzevet צוות The Staff at Camp Miriam.
Tzrif/ Tzrifim צריף Cabin/s
Yom Meuchad יום מיוחד A Special Day at camp planned by the madrichimot (counselors) around a specific theme. While the day is often very different from the regular schedule, it is full of education and youth-empowerment, just like every other day Machaneh (camp)!
Zman Chofshi זמן חופשי Free Time!