Enrollment for Summer 2018 will be open in November 2017!

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Summer Dates and Fees – 2017





1st Session (grade 3–9)

July 4 – July 25 
   (Tuesday – Tuesday)

21 Days 

$ 2,680
or $2,520***

2nd Session (grade 3-9)
July 30 – August 20
   (Sunday – Sunday)
21 Days
$ 2,680
or $2,520***
Nitzanim: those completed grades 2 & 3 
(first time campers only!)
July 4 – July 9
    (Tuesday – Sunday)
July 30 – August 6 
   (Sunday – Sunday)
5 Days 
7 Days 
$ 700 
$ 920
Amelim: shorter option for those
completing grades 3 & 4
July 4 – July 16 
   (Tuesday – Sunday)
July 30 – August 13 
   (Sunday – Sunday)
12 Days 
14 Days
$ 1,750 
$ 1,950
Bonim: Grade 9 (Two Session Option)
July 4 – August 20
47 Days
$ 4,200
Madatz: Grade 11 (Leadership Training)
June 30 – August 21 
   (Friday – Monday)
53 days
$ 2,300

** Price includes GST, and represents 3% discount for cash/cheque/e-Transfer payments.

** 15% discount for each additional child

*** An option for subsidized price for 3 weeks 

Funding is available for first time campers. For more information click here  Happy Camper


Kvutzah (Age Group)

Nitzanim  – first time, one week campers, who have completed grades 2 or 3
Amelim    – campers who have completed grades 3 or 4.
(Two or three week options.  A camper who has finished grade 3 or 4 is welcome
to register for 12 or 14 days and choose to stay a third week while at camp.)
Sayarim   – campers who have completed grade 5
Chotrim   – campers who have completed grade 6
Shomrim  – campers who have completed grade 7
Tzofim     – campers who have completed grade 8
Bonim      – campers who have completed grade 9  (option to stay for two sessions)
Madatz     – leadership training for grads of grade 11



A.   In order for a child to be considered registered:

  1. Complete registration online
  2. A deposit of $500 for each camper ($300 for Nitzanim) must be sent to the camp office; $100 of the deposit is non-refundable.

    – Payment by cheque, e-Transfer (from Canadian banks only) or Visa is accepted
    – Cheques are made out to Camp Miriam
    – e-Transfer to be sent to:
    – Fees represent a 3% discount for cash/cheque/e-Transfer payments; additional 3% will be charged if paid by Visa.

B. General Registration Policies:

  1. The camp fees include: transportation from Vancouver to Camp Miriam and return, laundry, Camp Miriam T-shirt, camp picture, all applicable GST, and one year of membership dues for Habonim Dror.
  2. No child will be permitted to attend camp without submitting the following completed forms: Medical, Camper Information, Code of Conduct and “Immunization, Insurance and Waivers”. The “Camper Medication Form” must be completed by the physician if your child will be taking prescribed medication at camp. The forms will be available online in your account in the early spring.
    All campers are required to provide a current health insurance number. Non-Canadians should get travel insurance if you do not have travel coverage with your regular plan..

  3. Applications for partial sessions will not be accepted, except for the shorter Amelim (grades 3-4) and Nitzanim (grades 2-3) programs.
  4. Cancellation of registration after April 27, 2017 will result in a forfeiture of the whole deposit. However, any payments made before April 27, 2017 towards fees, excluding the deposit, are 100% refundable if registration is cancelled.
  5. There will be no refund of fees for a child who is withdrawn or sent home for any reason, once the camp session has started.
  6. Applications for registration for any camper previously sent home from camp will be considered on a case by case basis.
  7. Parents are financially responsible for all medical and extraordinary dietary expenses during the camp season.
  8. A $30.00 service fee will be applied to NSF cheques.
  9. A portion of the fee is tax deductible (40%) and receipts for that amount will be issued before the end of the tax year.
  11. There will be no Visitors’ Day during the summer for campers who stay one session. Visitor’s Day for Madatz and two-sessions Bonim will be July 29, 2017, from 11 am – 4 pm.


— Register Online —


You have two opportunities to experience camp before the season:

FAMILY CAMP (May 19-21, 2017)

Are you a new family? Wondering what Camp Miriam is like? Wonder no longer….join us for Family Camp and experience Shabbat and camp programming as a family (for new families only).

Click here for more details

OPEN HOUSE (May 22, 2017)

Families are invited to see the camp and meet some of the staff. Camp will be open from 11:00 to 2:30 and lunch will be provided. RSVP necessary.

Click here for more details